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Hi! Anne-Claude;

I can answer your question briefly because I've been working since two years
on the "state of art" about "notation systems of sign languages" in my
university course.
You can contact Patrice Dalle dalle at the one responsible for the Sign
Writing project in Toulouse but I can advance that the project did not take
place in the schools. He can inform you better than me.
Another information: there is a new project "on sign language graphic forms"
which will soon beginning and some researchers are very interested in the
application of Sign writing in Europe.
I'll give you the contact of two persons responsible for this project:
Brigitte GARCIA: bridge.garcia at
Dominique BOUTET: ckrebs at
I would like give you more details informations but time is running off this
year cause I'm working hard on my Phd thesis that I have to present
"normally" on December.
Best regards,

Ivani Fusellier-Souza

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SAT- Sciences du Langage
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Adresse personnelle: 97, Bd Soult - 75012 - Paris
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Subject: SIGNWRITING France?!

> Dear list members,
> Do any of you have information on the litteracy project in France
> (Toulouse)?
> French sign language (LSF) is very close to the swiss french sign
> language (also called LSF as we do speak french too) and I would be
> really interseted in knowing if they did develop material for
> introducing SW in their classes... There might only be few modification
> to do, to make it "compatible" with our sign language...
> I hope some of you can tell me about it!!
> Looking forward to hearing from you

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