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Marc Girod / Anne-Claude Prélaz girodmarc at VTX.CH
Fri Jun 20 14:12:34 UTC 2003


My questions is absolutely not urgent  (it just was in my head so I had to
write it down before forgetting about it!! too much to think of right now!!)...
please do take a nice good break... and take care of yourself!!

I hope that you will soon be well!!


Thanks daniel for your message!!

Daniel Noelpp a *crit :

> Hello A-Claude and Anastasia
> A-Claude has sent her question to the mailing-list, not to
> Valerie. Everybody on the mailing list has gotten A-Claudes
> letter. That's no problem.
> And, by the way, Valerie is not well now. She told us that
> she retires for a few days. So, A-Claude, I think you'll need
> a little patience, but she'll answer the soonest possible.
> > I received your email in error.  I don't know how I received it but I did.
> > This is not Valorie's email address.  Her email address is
> > Sutton at
> > I hope that you get through to her.
> Daniel
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