France: research in linguistics?

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HI! Valery, 

Gaelle Roch is one of my students at the university of Paris 8. 
She wants to know deeply SW notation systems...Here in France, infortunately there is no schools using SW. 
She will participate to a new project "on sign language graphic forms"
which will soon beginning and some researchers are very interested in the
application of Sign writing in Europe.
I'll met her in contact with  A-Claude PRELAZ GIROD in Switzerland. 
I'll give you the contact of two persons responsible for this project:
Brigitte GARCIA: bridge.garcia at
Dominique BOUTET: ckrebs at

Best regards,

Ivani Fusellier-Souza 

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  Dear Gaelle Roch!
  Thank you for this email message. I am taking the liberty of posting it to the SignWriting List, because there are List members from France and French-Switzerland, on our SignWriting List. I hope they will write to you! I will again with more information later....Val ;-)


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    Dear Ms Sutton,
        I am a french student, learning french sign laguage and doing research in linguistics. I am very interested by Sign Writing but in France it's very difficult to find information about this transcription system. For my research I want to observe Deaf people using sign writing, for exemple at school. I also want to know if there is Sign Writing teachers.
    Have you got any information about schools using Sign Writing in France or California?
    And do you know where I can learn Sign Writing in France or California?
    Please send me answers if you can.
    Thank you.
    Gaelle ROCH
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