SW and Unicode

Daniel Noelpp d.noelpp at GMX.CH
Sun Jun 22 10:54:02 UTC 2003

> Since Unicode is a 2-byte code for representing linear text

With Unicode 3 and 4 there is a provision for additional "planes",
that means, 3 or 4 byte codes are possible in Unicode. And in
the first new plane (codes 0001xxxx) there is already space
reserved for SignWriting symbols. But more about plans and
organizing the Roadmap for SignWriting Unicode you should
ask Valerie.

> (i.e., all rotations, placements, etc. are to handled algorithmically)

Maybe some control codes are neccessary within Unicode.
Something like Carriage Return (which already exist in Unicode)
but generalized to make placements. But this is an effort for
several man-years to integrate this subject in Unicode I have
been told.

I am sorry, I have to leave the computer now or else I would
have written more or more carefully.

Daniel Noelpp

, I'm not
> sure there is any provision within Unicode for representing SignWriting
> at any level beyond basic glyphs. AFAIK, there are no native mechanisms
> for placement on a grid, rotation, etc. And if there were, all that
> would have to converted to a some sort of scale relative to the font
> size of the glyphs, which would mean some sort of floating-point
> representation (IEEE?). I'm willing to bet that SWML is probably the
> best vehicle for representing the whole shebang; furthermore, it
> probably ought to be one of the formats that SWJava can handle without
> any external conversion (i.e., it ought to work within "Save As...").
> What did you and yours have in mind?
> -Dan.

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