Vcom3D's SigningAvatars and SignWriting?

Brendan Ryan bjr5096 at RIT.EDU
Sat Jun 28 21:28:18 UTC 2003

Valerie Sutton wrote:

> SignWriting List
> June 21, 2003
> Dear SignWriting List Members:
> Can a programmer, or others, answer John's question below? It would be
> great if we could create a SigningAvatar with SignWriting....
> Can anyone attend the NTID symposium?
> Val ;-)

Oh wow. =-o  I'm home for summer from RIT and that's where NTID is.
Presenting signwriting there would be a good idea.  At least one person
at RIT already knows about signwriting and that is the librarian of deaf
history and culture.  She said that signwriting was fascinating when I
showed her some of it.  Then she showed me her web page that had links
to things about deaf people and sign language and one of them was for
the signwriting web site. :)
By the way, here's a web cam picture of the construction of one of
Paley's new piece of artwork.
He's famous and even has artwork in Washington.  RIT and NTID are
famous, so presenting signwriting there could help us to reach the world
like using SWML and Unicode would. :)  NTID is the low building far in
the background and the tall building is the dorm where I lived for about
eight months. :)


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