Children to children

Tini Pel tinipel at ONLINK.NET
Sun Jun 29 13:22:47 UTC 2003

To Valerie, ms Allen'schidren, Jerry and list,

Thank you Valerie for your nice comments. Yes it would be wonderful if, as Jerry suggested , that the "Ch. to Ch." could become world wide.
It is so nice to see children's work in print.
Wow Jerry do I see this right, did you place every sign separately. It made it really clear to read. A big job!!!!!!
Sorry I could not make out the name of the child but he or she was hungry for a hot dog or hamburger at Mc. Donald. The drawing showed a big city with the big Mc. Donald sign. I might be way off!!!!
You know what, it would be very handy if there is a translation or glosses with the Sign Writing. No matter what language,
Thank you so much for this opportunity to read children's works, jus great!!!!
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