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Stuart Thiessen smt_sw at EARTHLINK.NET
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This is a variation of a sign for heaven in ASL at least the way I  have produced it.  Let me describe the movements and you can see if I have written it accurately.

The left hand starts above the right hand.  While the left hand remains still, the right hand moves in an half circle straight, up, and back (to be over the left hand), and then the 2 hands move apart at the same time to finish apart.

It seems like the movement arrow I chose describes a 1/4 arc going out and partly up but not coming back towards me again.  So what are your thoughts?


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> Hi Stuart, can you post your suggestion for the sign as an attached gif ?

Stefan ;-))

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Maybe I am missing the obvious, but I am working on a sign that does a
half-circle movement forward-up-back.  My understanding is that we have
circles and full circles, but how do we specify a 1/2 circle?  Or does the
partial circle mean 1/4 or 1/2 depending on context?

Just an odd question that I am not clear on.  Thanks!

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