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Stefan Woehrmann stefanwoehrmann at GEBAERDENSCHRIFT.DE
Tue Mar 4 22:56:53 UTC 2003

Hi Stuart and listers ...

yes - your gif helps to understand, what you try to express -

It is not easy to write movements for the uninformed reader - and that is
always to keep in mind. The informed reader - who knows about your variation
of "heaven" will probably accept your spelling

I am afraid that the uninformed reader would perform the sign in a different
way. The reason may be the following -

first of all - we read and write from top down - so if there are twon
signs - one beneath the other you probably would start to perform with the
upper sign and continue with the sign below - You are right that you
wouldn?t misunderstand if the direction of the arrows are clear and if the
combination of the two parts make clear that you are supposed to start with
the lower one -

I would probably prefer a different arrow - in  order to indicate the
specific movement - look at my attached gif please. ;-) The arrow that you
used shows a movement down and forward - but not down, forward, up and
ack  - just as you assumed in your comment !! So you were right about your
doubts! Congrats !!

I am missing a hint about the location - in front of the shoulders - or
above the head ( what I would assume?) ... What about adding a head with an
eyes-symbol ???

There are always several different possibilities to write the spelling of a
movement - so it is your turn to discuss the variations 1 - 4 that came to
my mind. I just followed my inspiration and natural movement feeling - what
about the handorientation in the end-postion, what about the movement to the
left and right side - is there a curved movement or is it more straight ??

Hope it supports you in your efforts ;-)

All the very best

Stefan ;-))

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This is a variation of a sign for heaven in ASL at least the way I  have
produced it.  Let me describe the movements and you can see if I have
written it accurately.

The left hand starts above the right hand.  While the left hand remains
still, the right hand moves in an half circle straight, up, and back (to be
over the left hand), and then the 2 hands move apart at the same time to
finish apart.

It seems like the movement arrow I chose describes a 1/4 arc going out and
partly up but not coming back towards me again.  So what are your thoughts?


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> Hi Stuart, can you post your suggestion for the sign as an attached gif ?

Stefan ;-))

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Betreff: Half-Circles

Maybe I am missing the obvious, but I am working on a sign that does a
half-circle movement forward-up-back.  My understanding is that we have
circles and full circles, but how do we specify a 1/2 circle?  Or does the
partial circle mean 1/4 or 1/2 depending on context?

Just an odd question that I am not clear on.  Thanks!

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