Parking on a Hill

pennermnm pennermnm at YAHOO.CO.JP
Wed Mar 5 02:43:55 UTC 2003

> The hands that are pointing back towards the chest, but at an angle,
> ....those are not clearly explained yet. As you know, it is pretty clear
> with the movement arrows, when the airplane lands coming towards
> you...we place a dot to show the airplane's nose coming towards us. And
> dots are used all the time for fingers too, coming towards the
> chest...but with these symbols, having entire symbols with dots is not
> so easy to write. So I developed an horizon line with a dot on it...but
> then the dot hit other parts of the hand and could not be read - so I
> am still working on how to make the horizon line with the dot not
> interfere with the rest of the handshape -

Maybe you have solved this problem already, but here's an idea that popped
into my head right away that might work, two dots instead of the usual one
dot. These will never be confused with fingers, because no finger symbol
ever goes straight out opposite any other finger symbol. Granted, one dot
would be more consistent, but where to put it so it doesn't look like a


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