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Stefan Woehrmann stefanwoehrmann at GEBAERDENSCHRIFT.DE
Fri Mar 7 14:48:11 UTC 2003

  Hello Tini and listmembers,

  yes  I understand your problem :-)) a long time agowe discusse reading and
writing angel-hands - and I decided to follow the principles which are
documented in the wonderful "Signo Escritura" book from the Parkhursts -

  Just look for the thumb - ;-))

  Stefan ,-))

  attached you find a document illustrating the meaning of the symbols for
this handshape (# 54)

  I will be teaching " Lerning how to read GebaerdenSchrift for the whole
weekend." So I will be back on the list on Monday ;-))

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  Betreff: halfcircle

  Stefan wrote: March 3
  You asked about "top view"- hm - there  is no "top view" - ok - there is
no special rotation symbol - but you don ±²  need any - ;-)   because you can
see the handorientation at the startposition - back of hands outside and in
the end back of hand towards  the signer - thumbs inside -
  From my point of view this would be possible  "natural variation "   Would
be interesting to read Stuarts description

  Hello Stefan,
  I still have to get used to reading the bend hand palm facing out
(forward, back of hand towards body) I have to learn to concentrate on the
thumb. And yes you are right there is no top view otherwise there would have
been a space.

  Looking at the last symbol I want to turn my hand, giving it a awkward
feeling and then it would have been half white half black or L. hand. Anyway
always learning!!!!!
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