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Charles Butler chazzer3 at EROLS.COM
Tue Mar 11 11:40:17 UTC 2003

That is the beauty of what is happening in Brazil.  The examples I am using
are from Porto Alegre for the most part, and I believe you are in Sao Paulo.
The dialects are vastly different, as much as the three dialects of Mexican
sign language are from each other.

I hope to return to Brazil soon and really try to expand the project to
include as many variations as possible from many states.  LIBRAS is just
beginning to spread like ASL.


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> Thank  ^Èý   Charles.
> The examples that you send is Ok. But here in Brazil the signs are
> for any states, places or district. My dubt is how you write for this
> examples that I send. My preoccupation is know how write this moviments
> to interpret it. The member list do not know what are these signs, but
> know interpret the moviments. It is very important to me. I think it is
> power of signwriting.
> Bye,
> Sergio
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