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March 12, 2003

> Angus B. Grieve-Smith wrote:
> ....I'm very impressed that the reporter understood the notion of
> written sign and was able to communicate it so succinctly.  You all
> must have explained it well!
> <>

Dear Angus and List Members!
I am glad you approve of the article. That means a lot, because I know
you know the subject matter so well...

The reporter, Dave Hasemyer, told me that he never has thought about an
article so much in his life...even though he has been a staff writer
for the Union Tribune for years. He tried to imagine being born-deaf,
and of course realized he could never know what that is like...We gave
him a long interview and two articles to read:

1. The New York Times article about SignWriting
2. Our Year-End-Report 2002, which is a six page article about the
history of SignWriting...

I think the combination of good materials, plus wonderful teachers who
were sincerely using SignWriting with their students, and a very
intelligent reporter who cared about doing a good job...were the mix
that made it possible. I only wish that David would write a longer,
more in-depth article about SignWriting - he would be a reporter who
could do it properly.

He told me that he needs to have positive email sent to his bosses,
since they judge their staff by the written letters they get...can you
imagine the stress?...So if anyone liked the article, I hope you will
write to say that the article entitled "Symbols widen deaf children's
by David Hasemyer, on March 9, 2003, was excellent! Write to:

San Diego Union Tribune Editors:
Ray.Tessler at
Ellen.Bevier at

Many thanks!

Val ;-)
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