swiss french SignWriter

Marc Girod / Anne-Claude Prélaz girodmarc at VTX.CH
Sat Mar 15 11:32:26 UTC 2003


I have a meeting on tuesday with the teachers of one of the deaf schools
in the french speaking part of Switzerland (Fribourg) to try and define
a project about using SW in the classes with the deaf kids...
I already made a presentation last year but everyone was too busy and
didn't have the energy to start anything new... even though they were
all really interested!

Ok... I just have questions about SignWriter and the possibility for you
to develop a French-swiss version... What does it mean for you? how much
time would you need to prepare such a thing ? How much money would you
need to do it?... Is there a way to combine ASL and LSF (France) version
which only have a few difference with the sign language used in the
french speaking part or would you have to create a competely new version
Let me know if anything like this would be possible and when...  Just in
case the teachers want to go on with it... I'm sure they are going to
ask me about it... so I ask you first to make sure I don't give them too
much hope and then don't have a way to do anything with them...

I thank you in advance for your quick answer

Take good care


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