french - swiss handshapes

Marc Girod / Anne-Claude Prélaz girodmarc at VTX.CH
Wed Mar 26 21:11:45 UTC 2003

Dear Valerie,

I did compare the different  keyboards (swiss german / french / US) to
see whether one of them could be dierctly used for the french speaking
part of Switzerland...
The swiss german keyboard is the same but apparently there are some
handshape that differ... Valerie do you have a fax number where I could
fax you the different handshapes used here?? If so we could then discuss
about the keyboard more easily

There's no hurry at all! As you suggested... we (if the school team
decide to start using SW) will first contact our colleagues in Z ^?^? ich...
and see how it works... have the teacher learn to use it...

Too much to do for me right now... but time flies so fast that I'd
rather get ready for this new project as soon as possible!!

hope to hear from you soon

Take care


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