Sydney conference! HELP!!!!!!

Antony Daamen adaamen at OPTUSNET.COM.AU
Wed Mar 26 21:57:13 UTC 2003


Hi all you wonderful members of this exciting site!

(You know I want something when I dribble like this!)

I was asked by Valerie if I was interested to give a presentation on a big
linguistic convention in Sydney....

I jumped to the idea, first with zeal, but later with trepidation....

I am only a humble "shepherd boy" and not a linguist professor with more
letters behind their names then .... 

I work for the Queensland Deaf Society. I was the Community Development
Officer, but had a "promotion" last Monday to Regional Co-ordinator for the
Townsville region.

In the office we also received a paper asking for submissions at this
conference. Thus when Ray came from Brisbane I have shown him the paper and
asked if I could speak about Signwriting.  I first had to explain what
signWriting was, lucky I have kept 30-50 different emails, pictures, photo's

Hi liked the idea, but I adviced me to speak to another superior, Keri.

They are both favourable to the idea, but now I have to put in a formal
request for money basically.  Keri wants to see a 200 word... I forgot the
name "abstract" I think.
In short I have to convince them that it is worth it (for the QDS) to pay
for my airfare and accomadation....

Ray will help me with the paperwork, but I need help from you guys on info
what I can put in, and some "grit" if you like, on how to present it.

I think I want to put  the following subjects in (please add more if you
have ideas)
benefits to QDS: (help!)
short history of writing hearing languages.
then introduce signwritin
history of signwriting
benefits of signwriting
FAQ's and their  answers:
    does it impede on learning hte host language (i.e. English)
    more FAQs?

Please be quick, so I can start......


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