french - swiss handshapes

Marc Girod / Anne-Claude Prélaz girodmarc at VTX.CH
Fri Mar 28 12:33:38 UTC 2003

Dear Valerie,

Didi you get my fax OK ?? This sheet is the official paper from Swiss federation of the deaf (fench speaking part of Switzerland)... I just checked before sending it to you... to see wether all handshapes where there...  and actually I notice there's nothing for our datylology /M/ /N/ and /T/... I
didn't notice anything else missing... but I'll check once more with your SSS -> and tell you which  are the one missing! (+ for the numbers)

No hurry!!! take time to enjoy life!!

 and take care


Valerie Sutton a *crit :

> SignWriting List
> March 27, 2003
> On March 26, 2003, Anne-Claude Pr }_ az wrote:
>      The swiss german keyboard is the same but apparently there are some
>      handshape that differ... Valerie do you have a fax number where I could
>      fax you the different handshapes used here?? If so we could then discuss
>      about the keyboard more easily
> Dear SignWriting List members and Anne-Claude:
> Glad to hear you had a good meeting with your teachers in French-Switzerland. For me to create a special Swiss-French version of SignWriter DOS for you, I will need photos or illustrations of the handshapes used in French-Swiss Fingerspelling plus the numbers 0-10.
> You could scan the illustrations and attach it to an email message, but faxing will be fine too... SignWriting users in Japan, Colombia and Norway are waiting for work from me, so it is good to plan in advance. It may take a month at least, before I could get to it...My fax number is below... Val ;-)
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