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Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Fri Mar 28 15:08:52 UTC 2003

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March 28, 2003

Dear Mark, and SW List:
The last time I communicated with Julienne Palmer, she had to return
home to California to take care of her mother, who was seriously ill.
So I do not know if she returned to Peru or not. She lived there for a
decade. She left SignWriting in the hands of Deaf people in Peru, but
then I never heard from them either. So perhaps contacting Julienne
would be a good idea, to find out how things are going. Please tell us
if you reach her. I can call her mother' at home in California, if need
be, but here are the two email addresses I have for her:

Julienne R Palmer
juliennerp at
Thomasvel at

Val ;-)


Mark Penner wrote:
> Does anyone know how to reach Juliana Palmer? I tried at the address
> below,
> but it didn't go through.
>> ....a message from Juliana Palmer, in Lima, Peru...
>> From: "Julienne Palmer" <julienne at>
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