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Tini Pel tinipel at ONLINK.NET
Mon Mar 31 02:28:00 UTC 2003

Valerie wrote:

While we are chatting, Tini....Do you do any DanceWriting these days? The reason I ask, is that there is a dancer using DanceWriting in Florida, and he is so eager to learn more...he has purchased every DanceWriting book we have published, plus he has downloaded all the Sheet Dance on our DanceWriting site, but now wants to have people to talk to, about DanceWriting...We do not have a DanceWriting List, so I was wondering if you would be interested in giving him some feedback? ;-)

Val ;-)

I haven't done much of dancewriting lately ,Valerie ,as I haven't done any choreography lately and have not worked with a choreographer for a long time. Specially now  with the recorders and the instant playbacks.
Nevertheless I am "game" and it sure will bring back some good memories.
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