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Mon Sep 1 18:09:27 UTC 2003

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September 1, 2003

Joe Martin wrote:
> Hi, everybody on the list.  After a longish absence I'm back in the
> academic
> world again.  I would like it very much if anyone else, who is working
> on/interested in  linguistic  aspects of SignWriting, would please
> contact
> me. Thank you --joe m

Hello Joe!
I join Stefan in welcoming you back to the SignWriting List! We have
missed you... ;-)

For other SignWriting List members...Joe is the author of this 2
articles on the web:

A Linguistic Comparison
Two Notation Systems for Signed Languages:
Stokoe Notation & Sutton SignWriting
by Joe Martin, Western Washington University


Writing the Same Signs in Different Transcription Systems

Includes a comparison of
HamNoSys written by Susanne Bentele, Universitaet Hamburg, Germany
Stokoe System written by Joe Martin, Western Washington University
SignWriting system by Valerie Sutton

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