Bible passage in unknown SL?

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Mon Sep 1 18:24:38 UTC 2003

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September 1, 2003

Nitsu Pikkupyora from Finland wrote:
> I remember having received from SW-List last spring ( around 
> March-May?) a Bible passage written with SW in  a SL unknown to me 
> (not ASL nor LSE = Spanish). I have it printed out, but I can't find 
> any information, where it was sent from and by who. It was an 
> attachement, a pdf.document, its whole name is BLGLU.pdf. As far as I 
> understand from the text, it's LUKE 3:1-22 ( it signs LUCAS 3:1-22). 
> It is written vertically, with little boxes circuling the numbers of 
> the verses.  Can anyone remember that? I'd very much like to contact 
> the author. Thank you! Nitsu from Finland

Dear SW List, and Nitsu!
Thank you for this question, Nitsu...By the way, how is your study on 
SignWriting going? I filled out your questionnaire....Did you receive 
it? Have you seen some of the answers that Anny from French-Switzerland 
got, regarding literacy?...

Back to your question about the file BLGLU.pdf...Let us try to solve 
the mystery together...How do you find information about something you 
received from the SignWriting List?...

1. Go to our SignWriting Web Site, and click on Search...There are two 
ways to click on Search, on the opening page of our web site.... (see 
attached diagram)...

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