Mouthings- questions for Stefan

gsmedia gsmedia at DPLANET.CH
Tue Sep 2 08:32:38 UTC 2003

Hi Valerie, Stefan - and all

I just got back from a long summer vacation and noticed that there have been
alot of mailings about 'mouthings'.
Someone might have mentioned this already (I haven't had time to read all the
back-mail in the List), but a European colleague and I published a collection
of articles on this subject two years ago:

Boyes Braem, Penny & Sutton-Spence, Rachel (Ed.)
The Hands are the Head of the Mouth: The Mouth as Articulator in Sign
Hamburg: Signum Verlag

The book is in English and contains contributions from researchers of many
different European (and Indo-Pakistani) sign languages.  Most contributions
talk about both 'mouthings'  (which have resemblances to  the pronunciation
of spoken language words or word parts) and 'mouth gestures' (which seem to
resemble less spoken language words). There are a variety of opinions in the
book about what the function of these mouth elements are, and how best to
descrbe them.

with best greetings,

Dr. P. Boyes Braem
Forschungszentrum fuer Gebaerdensprache, Basel
GS-Media, Zuerich

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