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Nana Dumitra nana.dumitra at SCHLOSSKLAUS.AT
Thu Sep 4 03:28:49 UTC 2003

Hello SW listmembers,

My name is Nana, I am from Austria and my husband, Marian, is from Romania
™¬ is parents are deaf, his first language is Romanian Sign. We are
missionaries working with the Deaf in the Philippines.

We heard about SignWriting a few years ago, but never found the time to
check out the site. Well, a few weeks ago I finally tried to get to the
Website  o  a bit difficult with our phone lines here, but a friend was able
to download the DOS version for me and now I started using it.

At the moment we are just  œˆ laying m  with it, trying to figure out how to
schedule our time to do everything we need/ want to do. We have 4 children
(1  o  7 years), I am homeschooling and of course there is bible studies,
church services and other meetings with the Deaf all of the time.

We want to find out how well the Deaf here will accept SW (so far the few we
talked to about it were very encouraged and impressed, that their language
can be written!!!). I started to work on a dictionary for Filippino Sign
Language, but don ª²  have a lot of time for it (I try to do at lease 15
minutes every day).
A question: Since here there are two official languages (English and
Tagalog) for the future it would be great to have all three languages in the
dictionary: English, Tagalog and Sign. Is there a possibility in the DOS
dictionary to do this? Or would this work with the Dictionary software (we
cannot afford it right now, but would like to get it at some point)? Can you
give me some general ideas on how to proceed to get a  œš orrect m  dictionary
(how to do research, to check which signs should be included etc.)? I am
very interested in languages (know German, English, Romanian, Romanian Sign,
a bit of ASL and a bit of Filippino Sign so far, we are also trying to study
Tagalog), but I don ª²  have any formal linguistic background.

I hope these are not too many questions for one post :-)??

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