My First SW Posting

Sandy Fleming sandy at FLEIMIN.DEMON.CO.UK
Fri Sep 5 17:45:39 UTC 2003

Dear Val,

Thanks for the replies and advice and everything. Yes, I did try to install
Java but it complains about some file being missing from my system. However,
I didn't realise SW-DOS worked with Windows 98, so I have a computer I can
try that on. I didn't really want Java anyway!

>> All new countries have no choice but to start their own SignWriting
>> dictionaries, since obviously I do not know BSL personally and I cannot

I should jump at the chance to be a pioneer, right?  :)

>> Have you tried downloading SignBank?

I've gone to download SignBank a few times but kept getting distracted by
other things on the site, so not yet!

I've just put up a small table with five handwritten signs for towns in the
UK - I'd be interested in any feedback from anyone on these about anything
that could be improved. It wouldn't surprise me if everything's all wrong at
this stage, so you can criticise all you like  :)  If I'm going in the right
direction then I'll start expanding it and making it look better (including
using SW-DOS!), and link it into my main site for other people to reference.


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