My First SW Posting

Sandy Fleming sandy at FLEIMIN.DEMON.CO.UK
Sat Sep 6 06:51:33 UTC 2003

Hi Stefan and everone!

Thanks for the revised signs - there are a lot of definite improvements in

I was puzzled at why you left out the thumb and forefinger from "Perth" but
now realise of course the circle already implies an "O" hand.

I like the way the mouth movements can be shown even for English words -
that's something I never thought of. I think it would be all right to leave
out the middle face in "Sheff": at least the way I sign it, it's not really
made distinct - I'd just go "shff", I think. I'll have to watch in future
for exactly what other signers do - I'd a feeling learning SW would make me
think more clearly about how poeple sign! Similarly, I'd go "pth" for Perth,
"glzo" for Glasgow, "chsf" for Chesterfield - in otherwords, I tend to miss
out elements that I myself can't lipread, but these might just be my own
habits, I'll need to observe how other people do these in future.

One thing that seems to be missing from your version of Chesterfield is that
the sign starts slightly to the left of the head and ends slightly to the
right. This is why I did it as two signs - reading downwards on a page was
supposed to show one slightly left of the centre lane, then one slightly
right. Without this, the sign as written looks more like the one for the BSL
for "kiss". How would you show that the whole sign moves smoothly over to
the right as the forearms twist?

I'm not sure why you added the horizontal lines in Glasgow. I assume this
shows the forearms - but why is it necessary?

Thanks again for re-doing those signs - I'm really pleased that they're not
all COMPLETELY different from my efforts!

Sandy Fleming

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> Hi Sandy and listmembers,
> the combination of your description and your handwritten
> SW-spellings helped
> me to learn new name-signs for cities in the UK
> I add these signs to my dictionary for names of persons and cities and I
> added Mundbilder in order to be able to read/understand the signs
> after some
> time again - the line underneath is a hint that this is a name-sign ....
> There are almost always some different ways to "design" a good spelling -
> Just compare the attached gif with your "first handwritten signs" -
> I am looking forward to more namesigns ,,,
> Stefan ;-))
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> Valerie,
> Oh, sorry! I meant to supply the URL but forgot!
> It's:
> Sandy
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> >
> > SignWriting List
> > September 5, 2003
> >
> > Sandy Fleming wrote:
> > > I've just put up a small table with five handwritten signs for towns
> > > in the
> > > UK - I'd be interested in any feedback from anyone on these about
> > > anything
> > > that could be improved. It wouldn't surprise me if everything's all
> > > wrong at
> > > this stage, so you can criticise all you like  :)  If I'm going in the
> > > right
> > > direction then I'll start expanding it and making it look better
> > > (including
> > > using SW-DOS!), and link it into my main site for other people to
> > > reference.
> >
> >
> > Hi Sandy!
> > Great...Can you send the GIF or jpeg of your SignWriting examples to
> > the SignWriting List? Sharing your SignWriting is an important part of
> > our List, and people send GIFs or jpegs as attached files all the
> > time...So we have not seen your writing yet, but we look forward to it!
> >
> > Val ;-)
> >

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