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Stefan Woehrmann stefanwoehrmann at GEBAERDENSCHRIFT.DE
Sun Sep 7 22:16:41 UTC 2003

Hi Sandy, Valerie  and others , 

I will be happy to send some town names. 

It is fun to see you being so active!!!! Great! 

You want me to comment your handwriting? 

Well the sign for Scotland is perfect - is there a difference between Scotland- scotish - a person from Scotland ... do you need any Mundbild in order to distinguish ?? 

chicken - I read the sign that I perform the fingersmovement at the same time as the elbow movement - right? I can read your sign without any problem!! ;-))) 

bagpipes - hm - I am no expert in playing this instrument but I am in doubt about the orientation of the hands - you describe it as flat hand upwards - 
I should take lessons in bagpipe - or better you simply inform us - 

I like to see your creative spirit - there is no sign so far for angle - hand with spread wiggeling fingers - but I understand your intention ;-) Would be great if Valerie - once there is some time for this - could give her comment on this - like playing an instrument but not with open C-Hand - 
instead of that with straight fingers at an angle - I guess this is what bagpipes-players are doing ?  
If they would accept curved fingers - you could use handshape 35 in the SSS 2002 - 

Wales - hm - before your sign described the back of the hand toward the signer - now it is the "Wales - hand" ;-) but palm towards the signer. 
Before you described a downward-movement - now you describe a movement towards the signer ("backwards") 

Nevertheless you tell us to move only a short distance - and you describe this short movement as rather quick - 

This leads to an interesting spelling question - for Valerie ... 

next message ;-) 

OK - I will be away from the list till Friday. I am looking forward to find lots of messages!! 
Thanks again for your input !!  Try to write a "Maenniken" - ha to enlarge the art-gallery

Find attached :  Maenniken with Seifenblasen  written by Johannes 11 years with SW44


Your "bagpipes" sign is avery complex sign --  

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Hi again Stefan and others!

> I never stop to recommend creating "Maenniken" as my sons call 
> this little guys made only with the symbols of the SW44 keyboard. 

I haven't seen these. I did come across SW art on the site but was too inexperienced to appreciate it. I'll try having another look now!

Find attached my "elbow movement" signs and the one for "Wales". Of course "bagpipes" is one of those signs that's not necessarily "in the dictionary" but just used naturally on the spur of the moment by signers - sort of mime-like (researchers probably have a name for this!). So whether one cheek would be puffed or two would depend pretty much on the individual, I should think.

Do you have some signs for German towns you could send me? I ought to look in the various SW dictionaries for town names for other countries, now that I think of it!

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