New T-Shirt From Joe Martin and Andrea Barberi!

Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Mon Sep 8 19:39:04 UTC 2003

SignWriting List
September 8, 2003

Dear SW List, and Sandy!
Thank you for sharing your teeshirt design, Sandy...I was referring
specifically to T-Shirts that have SignWriting symbols on
you have a SignWriting T-Shirt design?

What is a goth festival? ;-)

Val ;-)


On Monday, September 8, 2003, at 12:14 PM, Sandy Fleming wrote:

> Hi Everbody!
> Hmmm... how differently we all think!
> I was designing a teeshirt to get printed and came up with this:
> Mind you, it is to wear at a goth festival!
> (the BSL sign for "deaf" is two fingers touching the ear - only, for
> artistic reasons, I thought it better not to show the ear!)
> Sandy
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>> Subject: New T-Shirt From Joe Martin and Andrea Barberi!
>> SignWriting List
>> September 8, 2003
>> Dear SignWriting List, and Joe and Andrea!
>> Last week I went to my Post Office, and there was an exciting package
>> from Joe Martin and Andrea Barberi....SignWriting T-Shirts
>> (grin).....THANK YOU, Joe and Andrea, for the great gift!
>> SignWriting T-Shirts will soon be available for purchase. I hope to
>> offer them on our SignWriting web site. You will be able to order by
>> email, web, fax, postal mail or phone...Plus I hope that someday other
>> retailers will be interested in stocking them and selling if
>> anyone knows of other stores that would like to carry SignWriting
>> T-Shirts, please tell us... Here is the design....I am guessing the
>> mystery person modeling the shirt is Joe? (smile)...   Val ;-)

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