[SignWriting] Re: virtual pc

Trevor Jenkins trevor.jenkins at SUNEIDESIS.COM
Wed Sep 10 16:50:05 UTC 2003

On Mon, 8 Sep 2003, Stuart Thiessen <smt_sw at earthlink.net> wrote:

> If there is sufficient interest, I can create a set of instructions for
> setting a simple Linux installation for the purpose of running SignWriter.
> I know this has worked for me.

1 vote for those instructions from me. I don't let Microsoft products onto
any of my systems here. :-| But I do need to make real use of SignWriter
4.4 RSN --- I just enrolled on a Deaf Studies degree programme and next
semester there'll be lots of BSL tution.

There shouldn't be too many issues with my preference for RedHat rather
than SUSE; I have two systems here running RH 6.2 and a dual-processor
running RH 7.2 plus a small LTSP setup. (My other machines are old Apple

Regards, Trevor

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