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September 12, 2003

Sandy Fleming wrote:
> I don't know about that handwriting course - all it seems to say is
> practice writing fast! Fair enough, we'd have to do that no matter
> what the writing system was like, but it's a far cry from the stuff on
> page 9 of the "Writing by Hand" document at
> which looks really
> writable, although I can't read it! I hope I don't sound ungrateful -
> I know you're working hard and trying hard to help us  :)

Hello SW List and Sandy -
I appreciate it, that you said that Sandy. You sound very
you want to learn everything at once...that is great! Nice to know you
are so interested ;-)

Perhaps in the UK your school system is different than ours here in the
US? I bet it is ;-)

Here, when a child comes to school, (at least when I was young),
reading seemed to be learned faster, but writing rows and rows of one
symbol was a standard method of teaching the beginning writer to write
well...and I remember my writing skills didn't really become what they
are today, for a couple of years...writing rows built into the skill I least that is my memory of learning step by step. So the
course on the web was a beginning to show people by numbers, which
strokes I did first, second and third etc. Here are some of the pages
from the course on the web. Have you written your rows today, Sandy?
Ha! smile...

Now...I have to go back to processing your order! Smile...I am the only
one who processes orders around here...grin...

See you all on the List on Sunday, family is going
through a stressful time right now, and I will be needed to help a
family member through a hard time -

Have a wonderful weekend!  Val ;-)

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