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Stefan Woehrmann stefanwoehrmann at GEBAERDENSCHRIFT.DE
Thu Sep 25 18:45:50 UTC 2003

Hi Nitsu,

this is an interesting question - the problem is that we need some kind of
agreement in order to count a document as "in the world"

I think that we should not count any paper, sw- file, or dictionary  with
just less than 100 signs or so ?

How many active scribes are among us ??

On the other hands - there are some documents that are most impressive. Look
at the attached gif which is a precious testimony of DEAF education in old
Egypt -
Nobody at that time had any doubt that SW is such a valuable tool to build
the bridge between hearing and deaf culture.
Thanks to a clever linguist of ancient comunication I could manage to
identify the meaning: It is  scene in a mainstream class -A deaf boy is
signing in true deaf story telling style without too many Mundbilder.  The
guy on the ground (hearing) tries to comunicate in a written form to his
deaf classmate that he is not able to understand - he explains his problem
due to his hearing status - (Hopefully he improved signing in order to
achieve an equal level compared to his handwriting skills in SW) ;-))


Have Fun
All the best    Stefan ;-)

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  Hi Val and others!

  Can you give me any wild guess on how much material written in SW there is
nowadays in the world? I counted about 100 pieces from the "history of
SW" -page in the SW homepage. Still I know there's a lot more.For example,
how many dictionaries, SW lesson books, and newpapers are you aware of that
have been or most likely will be published?
  I know the true answer can't really be given, but what would you say?


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