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Dear Jerry and listers...

thank you very much for your answer. My problem is not to understand the
backslash (\) - but the mystery is that I can type this backslash  with the
keycombination [ Alt Gr]  and [ ?] in any other DOS - Program but not in
this special DOSBox ... ;-(

Thanks for the list for the DOSBox crew ...

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  I tried to answer your questions in a personal e-mail approximately one
week ago.  I will try here to explain the (\) backslash.  It is the symbox
on US English and some other keyboard systems for "directory".  As shown
with C:\, it means "root directory", and is used as a symbol to show when
one establishes a subdirectory under that root as in establishing a "path"
to the file..

  Dos is usually stored in a directory called C:\DOS\.  The DOSBox directory
(also called a folder in WINDOWS) is a sub-directory of C:\program files\,
such as in c:\program files\dosbox\, and it contains the DOSBox.conf file
and the other text files that explain how to configure it.  The DOSBox.conf
file would be shown in its full path as such: C:\program

  I apologize that I cannot explain it another way, but I think you can
probably safely substitute whatever figure is used in the German version of
regular DOS in the place of this backslash.  I don't know what that figure
would be, as I am (sorry) not at all literate in any other computer
terminology for Windows/DOS other than the US English.

  The creators of DOSBox may be able to help answer your questions at:

    DOSBox crew

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          Tommy Frossman  Fanskapet
          Sjoerd  Harekiet  harekiet at
          Peter Veenstra  Qbix  qbix79 at
          Ulf Wohlers  Finster  finsterr at

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