Learning disabilities and SignWriting....

Louis-Felix Bergeron hf091587 at ER.UQAM.CA
Fri Apr 23 17:14:29 UTC 2004

Hello everyone!

Val wrote:
> There have been some teachers who find that SignWriting stimulates
> something inside an autistic child, or a mentally-retarded Deaf
> person...their vocabulary increases...and not necessarily only in
> signs, but also in spoken languages...even if it is only a few new
> words or signs...that is something...Somehow SignWriting can trigger
> better understanding...there is no scientific proof of this...only
> experiences teachers have told us about...

Mmm... My 2 years old daughter is deaf and has Down syndrom. I would like to
know more about these experiences you are talking about. Shortly after my first
child has born (4 years old hearing boy, who has a non-specific pervasive
development disorder (some kind of very mild autism)), I began wondering how it
would be to teach SignWriting to my children (their mother is Deaf) so they
could be literate models in their native sign language.

I am very curious to know more about how does SignWriting works with that kind
of children.



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