Two ways to write the sign for ARGUE

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Valerie, I would differ with you on argue.  When I sign it, the wrists wobble up and down, the hands rotate (facing the reader) from a 45 degree angle to a pointing in straight angle with the arms not moving up and down in space at all.  It's just the hands that move.  So how do you right the bending of the wrists for this?  It's not a flip, and it's not a bending of the wrists up and down, like "YES" but a rotation on the hand axis to the side but not carrying the arm with it.


Valerie Sutton <sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG> wrote:
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April 23, 2004

Maria Papadogiwrgakh wrote:
In the case of the "argue" sign, where there are 2 rotated hand symbols:
> the rotation axis of the wrist is the vertical axis (y) of the floor
> plane. So how will I know the rotation axis of the wrist just by
> looking at the hand symbol (independently from the movement symbol) in
> order to know what to do with the wrist (wrist flexion or wrist
> pivot)?
> I'm looking forward to your answer.

Ha! Well...there are actually two ways to write the palm facing for the
ASL sign for ARGUE. Please see attached. You can view the hands from
the Front View or from Overhead...The standard SignSpelling is the
first one....viewing the white palms from the front view...

But the movement arrows remain the same. the Movement is always seen
parallel to the Front Wall.

So to answer your question...looking at the first spelling with the
white palms...the hands are parallel with the Wall, and the palms are
facing your chest. You put your hands into that position. That
establishes the foundation of that is the starting point. And
next, keeping that same palm facing, follow the movement symbols, which
are down twice, moving parallel with the Wall.

In this writing there is no wrist movement at all. The whole forearm,
wrist and hand move together as a unit...down-down...without bending
the wrist at all...

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