Questions about Palm Orientation

Stuart Thiessen sw at PASSITONSERVICES.ORG
Fri Apr 23 20:12:15 UTC 2004

Thank you very much!  I suspected it was something like this, but I
didn't find an example in the textbook. That helps me!

Like Charles, I often see argue from the wrists, but you are right that
it seems exaggeration in the sign can cause the movement to "travel" to
elbow or probably even shoulder (for very hot argument) for emphasis.




Valerie Sutton wrote:

> SignWriting List
> April 23, 2004
> Stuart Thiessen wrote:
>> This reminded me of a question I wanted to ask.  How do you transcribe
>> wrist flexing that moves left to right instead of up and down or
>> forward
>> and backwards?
> Hello Everyone and Stuart!
> Wrist movement is written by placing a little straight line next to the
> small straight arrows. The palm facing of the hand determines how you
> start. Then your hand moves in the direction of the arrows, but the
> forearm remains still, and does not move with the hand...That little
> straight line is like an AXIS...It establishes the forearm in space,
> and it indicates that the forearm doesn't move. The movement is done in
> relationship to the AXIS line.
> Please see the attached diagram...Does this answer your question,
> Stuart?
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------

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