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Mon Apr 26 22:11:39 UTC 2004

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April 26, 2004

Hello SignWriting List members, and Danny -
Many thanks for this message, Danny...please excuse me for taking so
long to answer you......

Danny Marwaha wrote:
> hi i am just wondering if you do sign writing chat room system that
> allows its users to chat by sending sign language writing symbols via
> the WWW. If you do i am just wondering how do i get to this through
> your site as i have tried to find the chat rooms where you can use the
> sign writing symbols. I am also wondering have you got any plans in
> the future to design a chat room system for children and can
> communicate with other people using the sign language writing symbols.
> i look forward hearning from you soon as this information is extremely
> urgent.
> many thanks, Mr Danny Marwaha.....DannyMarwaha at

Yes. There are two SignWriting Chat Room applications being developed,
one in the UK by James Bassett-Cross and one in Brazil. There may be
other software programmers working on this too...If anyone knows of
other chat room projects, please tell me....

Plus, Stephen Slevinski, at PUDL, has also developed a way to send
email in SignWriting...That is not quite a chat room, but is instead a
way to go on the web, prepare your sentences in SignWriting and then
send the message through email to someone else...So here are people to
contact about this:

1. SignWriting Chat Room....
Development in the UK
Write to:
James Bassett-Cross
ma101jb at

2. SignWriting Chat Room...
Development in Brazil
Write to:

3. SignWriting Web Mail....
Send SignWriting in Email right now...
write to:
Stephen Slevinski
slevin at



Go to this web page:


Or...write to me and I will be glad to do it for you.

We all look forward to hearing from you!

Val ;-)

Valerie Sutton
Sutton at

1. SignWritingSite
Read & Write Sign Languages

2. SignBankSite
Sign Language Dictionaries

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