[sw-l] LESSONS in SignSpellings

Kasterlinden Bilinguaal katjesaar at HOTMAIL.COM
Sun Dec 5 21:24:35 UTC 2004

I think the middle one is the best because the movement is not a short one.
(I thought size didn't matter ;) wink

greetings Kathleen

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>December 5, 2004
>Kasterlinden Bilinguaal wrote:
>>I agree with the new sign you made. I just have one question about the
>>arrow. Why is it longer the way Kristof writes it? The arrow on the new
>>sign is short, how come?
>The short little arrow means a short little movement. Kristof's choice was
>a medium-size movement. And there is a third choice...a big movement...as
>I can change it back to the size Kristof wrote, if you wish...What size do
>you want? smile
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