[sw-l] left-handed or right-handed?

Adam Frost adam at FROSTVILLAGE.COM
Tue Dec 7 00:01:54 UTC 2004

Hi all,

This has been a rather interesting discussion. Sorry that I haven't been
online to respond yet. Val, your comment about co-dominant hand signers was
funny because I am one. Depending on the situation, I will sign with my left
as dominant rather than my right. Thus I use both as a dominant hand at
different times. As one of the editors for the ASL Dictionary, I want to
share my thoughts in regards to putting the leftie's sign. I think that it
would be good to have them as entries, but not on their own. I was thinking
that it would be good to have varierants like they are in regular
dictionaries; however, before that happens, I personally think that the
dictionary has a lot of developing that needs to take place. So in the
meantime, only right hand signs. How do the other ASL editors feel about
this? (Sorry that I can't give a say for the other dictionaries, but do what
you feel best.)


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