[sw-l] Is this Spelling Correct?

Charles Butler chazzer3332000 at YAHOO.COM
Tue Dec 7 20:11:20 UTC 2004

Hi Sandy,

Before there was a floor-plane orientation in the development of SW, with disjoined fingers, there was edge on.  It dates to the earliest development of SW.  Thinking of it as a rotation of the edge-on vertical hand when it is parallel to the floor but pointing left or right makes it much easier to write contact with the face.

The floor plane and the wall plane intersect at that line of orientations so either writing is correct.  I've attached a discussion (.gif) file to show them as I use them.

Sandy Fleming <sandy at FLEIMIN.DEMON.CO.UK> wrote:
I don't quite understand this - I thought if the orientation was parallel to
the floor, then it had to be n the floor plane, ie the fingers disjoined
from the palm. I don't see how a handshpe in the wall plane can be used to
show this. Is it because you first think of it as being placed in the wall
plane and the hand orientation is then changed as shoqn in the sign?

Probably you're right but I don't really understand it.


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If you use the "edge-on" hand, the thumb is on the top and can contact the

Try this!

Often, when trying to show the orientation of hand parallel to the floor and
with thumb toward the reader, this is the clearest way to show without the
thumb looking like it's on the wrong side.

Charles Butler

Sandy Fleming wrote:
Hi All!

I've added the sign "fish_2" meaning "fish as food" to the BSL dictionary:


I'm wondering, is this spelling OK?

The thumb is touching the chin but there's no way to actually make it look
like it's touching the chin. I've simply used the "chin" symbol, and put a
contact symbol next to the thumb.

The funny thing is that I always wrote this with the hand flipped, ie the
thumb actually looking like it was touching the chin, when using
handwriting. It's only when entering it via software that I noticed that the
right hand can't have the thumb there and had to think of another (though
rather odd) way of doing it!

Is there a way of spelling it (not in receptive mode!) so that it looks like
the thumb is touching the chin?
If only we had 3D paper! :)


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