[sw-l] left-handed or right-handed?

Sandy Fleming sandy at FLEIMIN.DEMON.CO.UK
Wed Dec 8 10:49:55 UTC 2004


Thanks for the info, but when I try to unpack SSS-2004-png.zip I get this
error message:

"Message WZ50

"An error occurred opening, writing to, closing, or deleting the specified
file.  Possible causes include a misspelled filename, a full disk, a
read-only or locked disk, or a read-only or locked file.  The operation in
progress will be aborted.  Another dialog box with more specific information
may be displayed.

"This message may also be displayed because of an invalid archive.  For
example, if an archive is damaged (possibly due to line noise while
downloading from a BBS) it may contain invalid pointers or corrupted header

The offending file is 02-05-014-01-03-04.png

After this, every file gives the same error message.

This happens after unzipping 85% of the archive - which takes  long time!
I'm unzipping to my hard disk, which I wouldn't think would give any
problems with space.

I'm using Windows 98 - any ideas?


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> Sandy,
> You have the choice between sss-1999 and sss-2004. I do not know of anyone
> using sss-2002.
> As of yet, there does not exist a conversion between sss-1999 and
> sss-2004.
> So your choice might be made based on who you want to be
> compatible with. If
> you choose sss-1999, you will be able to work with SignWriter Java and
> SW-Edit. If you choose sss-2004, you will be able to work with SignPuddle,
> SignText, and SignBank.
> SignPuddle uses the complete IMWA.  When I downloaded the IMWA, I
> converted
> all of the symbols to black & transparent.  You can access this
> symbolset in
> gif or png format.
> http://signbank.org/signpuddle/downloads/SSS-2004-gif.zip  7.3M
> http://signbank.org/signpuddle/downloads/SSS-2004-png.zip  9.8M
> Using the entire IMWA can be overwhelming.  I created a cheat sheet for
> SignMaker.  View the file:
> http://signbank.org/signpuddle/sgn-US/keyIMWA.js.
> This file analyzes the IMWA and creates a 4 dimensional array in
> Javascript.
> This array made working with the IMWA much easier.  If you look
> at the file,
> you will notice that I did not include the rotation in the array.  I did
> this to reduce the size of the file from over 1MB to just under 14k.
> -Stephen
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> SignWriting List
> December 7, 2004
> Sandy Fleming wrote:
> > How do I obtain a symbol set? I downloaded the IMWA some time ago but
> > it's
> > huge. Since SW-Edit downloads quite quickly it's obviously not using
> > the
> > full IMWA. Stephen's symbol set on Sign Puddle also seems relatively
> > small.
> SW-Edit does not use the IMWA, but Stephen's SignPuddle definitely
> does! And when I complete the updates for a bigger IMWA, I will be
> giving them to Stephen, and he has kindly promised to incorporate them
> into SignPuddle too...
> So downloading a lot of GIFs is a lot, all by themselves, but the
> software SignPuddle has been designed to make it easy for you to use
> the whole IMWA symbolset in SignMaker online...
> Meanwhile, if you want to use smaller symbolsets, they are all online
> for you to download. Go to:
> SymbolBank
> http://www.movementwriting.org/symbolbank/symbolbank.html#SSS952002
> Download the SSS-1999 ...It is a smaller symbolset. I believe SW-Edit
> uses 1999...as does SignWriter Java...
> Val ;-)

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