[sw-l] Downloading the IMWA and SSS-1999

Sandy Fleming sandy at FLEIMIN.DEMON.CO.UK
Sun Dec 12 07:46:51 UTC 2004

Charles wrote:

>> Only question on your defaults on a keyboard is the necessity of having a
head and torso as default in the system.  For a lot of signs in the
dictionaries currently loaded to SignPuddle, the body is "assumed" and not
visible.  I'd prefer to not have the body if I don't want it so at least one
of the default "edits" would be to take out the body lines and head unless
they are absolutely necessary.  I use them for facial expressions and
particular locational signs but for "neutral space" I use only the hands
(and elbows) and heads for contact when necessary. <<

That's right, that's how it works.

See the attached gif for an example of how "tres/three" would be typed.
Let's say for the sake of the example that we happen to have a keypress or
two to type the handshape in. I'll assume that the typist wants to place the
hand just in front of the right shoulder.

The first column is what he sees when he starts a new document: the default
template in light blue. This isn't actually a sign, it's just guidleines to
help him with placement.

The second column shows what happens when he types the handshape: it's
placed automatically over the right hand (or left hand if the user has
chosen some sort of left-hander option that might be supplied by the

The third column shows what happens when he drags it into position over the
shoulder (either with the mouse or using keys such as the arrow keys).

The fourth column shows what happens when he presses the spacebar. Space is
inserted below the sign he has been typing and the template is moved to
below the space to act as guidelines for his next sign.

Body shifts could be implemented by having a keypress to bump the template
to the left or right.

Of course the proportions of the "body" in the template would have to be
carefully worked out to ensure that there's always room for the hands and
their accompanying movements to be made readable.

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