[sw-l] hello!

Suzanne Pach suzanne at BORDVOORJEKOP.NL
Sun Dec 12 16:49:04 UTC 2004


I just joined the list, so I will shortly introduce
myself. My name is Suzanne Pach. I live in Utrecht in the
Netherlands. I am a student of linguistics and last year I
also started a study to become a teacher in Dutch Sign
Language, both in Utrecht. I'm not deaf, but I just really
like sign language, so I'm glad I get the opportunity to
learn it.

For my linguistics-study, I need to write a final thesis
to get my bachalor diploma. My subject will be
By chance I dicovered the SignWriting site, but I never
heard about it before. As far as I now, it isn't used in
Holland at the moment.
I want to focus on the Dutch deaf education and answer the
question whether it should be a good idea to start
teaching SignWriting to deaf children there. My plan is to
design a questionnaire to ask different (dutch) groups
about this question. Those groups could be: deaf children,
deaf adults, deaf-school teachers, linquists.....

Do some of you know if such a questionnaire is already
used in another country (or countries)?? It would be nice
to compare the results.

I also got a more technical question. It is about the
spoken component. In Dutch Sign Language it is used a lot.
For example to distinguish the words 'brother' and
'sister', you just make the same sign and you speak the
dutch word with your mouth. I read the SignWriting lessons
on the website, but I didn't see anything about how to
show the spoken component.

Well, thanks and goodbye,

Suzanne Pach

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