[sw-l] SignText...Testing New Beta Version...

Stephen Slevinski slevinski at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Mon Dec 13 20:58:59 UTC 2004

Hi Stefan,

With JavaScript, I can't save the file with the code, so it's up to you to
save the code.

If you want to use the SWML immediately, you can copy and paste the SWML.
Press the "Highlight" button and the copy (menu option Edit >> Copy) (Maybe

If you want to use the SWML later, open a simple text editor like Notepad.
Paste the code and save the file.

In the near future, the "SWML Online" button will forward you to a useful
page.  From this page you will be able to view the document properly
formatted, send an email, or import the signs into a SignPuddle dictionary.
All without having to copy and paste the SWML.

After you create a sign, click one of the "Lane" icons to add to a list.
Next, you can modify the sign, or click "Clear All" to start a new sign with
a clean SignBox.

The only way to arrange the signs is to select the appropraite lane.  If you
do not want to use lanes, just use the center lane.  While SignText does not
center the signs correctly, document viewers will.

Hope that helps,

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Hi Stephen,

I am very impressed - You know that I cannot understand the background of
your insider discussions - I went to

SignText Online:

I work with Mozilla Firefox - it is pretty easy to arrange the symbols to a
sign -
But then I got lost - where do I safe this letter-code?

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!DOCTYPE swml SYSTEM "http://www.oculog.net/swml/swml-s.dtd">
  <swml dialect="S" version="1.1" lang="sgn" glosslang="">
    <sign lane="0">
      <symbol x="62" y="89">01-01-001-01-05-04</symbol>
      <symbol x="48" y="106">02-01-001-01-01-01</symbol>
      <symbol x="46" y="43">03-01-001-01-01-01</symbol>

How do I collect arrange several signs?

Tomorrow I will download the program for offline - tasks and will be back
with my experiences - smile!
This is all a miracle to me.


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Betreff: [sw-l] SignText...Testing New Beta Version...

SignWriting List
December 13, 2004

Trevor Jenkins wrote:
> I did a quick test; clicked on a few SignWriting symbols but after the
> symbols changed there seemed to be nothing happening. Had expected a
> display of some SW text to appear but nothing did. Clickingon the SWML
> output button gave a doctype declaration but there was no content. :-(
> Used an earlier version of FireFox (Mozilla 1.0RC2). Regards, Trevor

This is the kind of feedback we need, Trevor! Thanks for telling us...

Has anyone else tried SignText? Be sure to read these instructions:


SignText has 2 practical uses.  First, you can create a vocabulary list
sign offline and then import those signs into a SignPuddle dictionary.
Second, you can create SignWriting documents with lanes.  You can view
documents online.  You can also generate HTML code that you can copy and
paste onto any website.  In the near future, you will be able to send
documents as SignWriting emails.

SignText Online:

SignText Download:
http://www.oculog.net/signtext.zip (8 MB)

How to create a vocabulary offline and load into SignPuddle dictionary.
1) Download and unzip SignText.  Note: the SignText download contains
entire IMWA, over 25 thousand image files.  Unzipping this file may take
some time.
2) Open the file signtext.html located in the signtext directory.
3) Use the SignMaker interface to create a sign.
4) Replace the generic gloss of "sign-1" with a more appropriate name.
5) Press the "Center Lane" icon to add the sign to the list.  You will
the sign appear under the "SWML Output" button.  The "Left Lane" and
Lane" buttons are used when creating documents with lanes.
6) Press "Clear All" to clear the SignBox.
7) Repeate steps 3 thru 6 for multiple signs.
8) Press the "SWML Output" button to generate the SWML.
9) Copy the SWML to the clipboard.  In the future, the "SWML Online"
will link to the SignPuddle dictionaries and other sources.
10) Go online and enter the appropriate SignPuddle dictionary.
11) Select the "Import" icon from the icon list on the left of the
12) Paste the SWML into the textarea.
13) Press "Preview".  You will see the signs appear with an option to
add or
load each sign.
14) Press "Add" to add each sign to the dictionary.  Pressing "Load"
load the sign into SignMaker.

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