[sw-l] hello!

Sandy Fleming sandy at FLEIMIN.DEMON.CO.UK
Tue Dec 14 09:55:46 UTC 2004

Hi Stefan!

> You will find such a ovierview on my website - www.gebaerdenschrift.de

I find Gebaerdenschrift (or Mundbildschrift, what's the difference?) very
useful for writing BSL.

The mouthing of English words varies between BSL signers, some use very
little and some use it ALL THE TIME! (in capitals because I find that such
also tend to "mumble" with their hands and sign with one hand while sitting
on the other and generally letting the English do all the work - it's a

However the normal use is when using place names without well-known signs an
in using native BSL mouth patterns (for example mouthing "pu"! when making
the sing for "gone" - this can be seen in my BSL Haiku at
http://bsltext.org/poems/basho.asp modified a bit - I usually only write the
first head circle in handwriting - and in this case the handshape was in the
way so I've written the mouth patterns right to left! Though I admit it
could be done more clearly in this example  :\

Anyway, I do have a Gebaerdenschrift "alphabet" for use with BSL, which of
course isn't as extensive as what you must have. I've been trying to figure
out a SW keyboard for typing SW, and I wanted to be able to include
Gebaerdenschrift, which I think might be possible to type using the letters
of the alphabet on the keyboard.

I wonder if it would be possible for me to obtain your full Gebaerdenschrift
standard so that I could make sure everything is included?


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