[sw-l] Top 7 SignPuddle dictionaries`

Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Tue Dec 14 16:41:55 UTC 2004

SignWriting List
December 14, 2004

I love this idea, Stephen! It will give Editors a feeling of
accomplishment! If 8 Sign Puddles have 1000 signs, I suspect we will
need more than the 7 flags...Maybe we can say that any dictionary with
a certain amount of signs gets a flag at the bottom of the page? Reason
for this? If Editors can explore other dictionaries to see if there are
some signs that are the same in other countries, that would be very
helpful...For example, the international name signs for cities and
countries are signs that are used in all signed languages, so the
Editors might want to go into the International Name Sign dictionary
and take some of the signs from there, for their dictionary...Val ;-)


On Dec 14, 2004, at 7:20 AM, Stephen Slevinski wrote:

> Hi List,
> There are now 28 Sign Puddle dictionaries.  I have awarded the top 7
> dictionaries with a small flag on the bottom of every SignPuddle
> dictionary
> page.  The small flags are sorted (from left to right) by dictionary
> size.
> Here's the list:
> sgn-US     3263 signs
> sgn-NI      735 signs
> sgn-DE      733 signs
> sgn-BE-nl   385 signs
> sgn-CH-fr   121 signs
> sgn-BR      106 signs
> sgn-GB       70 signs
> The Nicaraguan Sign Language (sgn-NI) is going stong.  Second only to
> American Sign Language (sgn-US).  Amazing! Keep it up.
> The Flemish Sign Language (sgn-BE-nl) dictionary has only existed for a
> month.  Great job.
> I will update the small flag list monthly.  If you want your flag on
> the
> list, you know what to do.
> I can't wait to see what happens in 2005.
> -Stephen

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