[sw-l] BELGIUM: 2 new flag-icons

Anne-Claude Prélaz Girod girodmarc at VTX.CH
Wed Dec 15 11:15:38 UTC 2004

Hello everyone...

this discusssion is funny because... I just had contact (last week)
with an ex-colleague and good friend of mine, whose name is Nathalie
Art, who used to work as an interpreter in the french speaking part of
Switzerland.... and who went back to Belgium (her country) She is now
coordinating/ managing the Wallon interpreting serrvice....
I talked to her about SignWriting... and she would eventually be
interested in organising a workshop.... she wanted me to come and teach
this workshop!!!.... I certainnly can do that (I'd happy to travel
there)... but there seems to be competent people much closer.....
Let's keep in touch about this!!

(from french speaking part of Switzerland)

Le 15 déc. 04, à 05:27, Kasterlinden Bilinguaal a écrit :

> <image.tiff>
> Hello,
> Here it is! Vlaamse gebarentaal - Flemish sign language ;) Sara put it
> in the dictionary at the beginning ;) I am not really sure about
> 'Vlaams' because Kristof writes it differently. I sign it with my
> wrist moving. Other people sign the 'v' going down without a wrist
> movement.
> Val, I will try to find out if the Walloon signers in my school are
> interessted in SignWriting, but I doubt it. They work in a very
> different way, not bilingual. We don't have any contact with them. And
> my French is not that good to be discussing a topic like this with
> them :p
> I'll see what I can do ;)
> Katrien, thanks for all the help ;)
> Greetings Kathleen
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> >December 14, 2004
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> >Katrien Van Mulders wrote:
> >>You should check the text I sent you on 'the Flemish Deaf
> >>Community' (the one you recently placed on the website); in it I
> >>explain the change of the name of the sign language used in
> >>Flanders :-) I have no idea why the Walloon one is still called
> >>"Langue des Signes Belgique Francophone". I recently met the Deaf
> >>founder of a/the Walloon interpreter's service and could ask him. I
> >>have no idea whether they are working with SignWriting or are
> >>interested in doing so. I think Kathleen can more easily answer
> >>these questions for you.
> >
> >Hello Everyone and Katrien -
> >Your write up is an excellent one:
> >
> >About the Flemish Deaf Community
> >http://www.SignWriting.org/belgium/flemishdict02.html
> >
> >It explains, at the end, that the Deaf Community in Flanders prefers
> >the name "Flemish Sign Language"...So this means that my icon is
> >correct, as far as the flag and the English words for the name of
> >the language (see attached)...but then I had problems finding the
> >sign for:
> >
> >Vlaamse Gebarentaal
> >
> >in your Flemish Sign Language Dictionary online...I looked in the
> >dictionary and couldn't find it...I believe Kathleen sent me the
> >sign, but I couldn't find it! So I need someone to send it to me
> >again and I can fix the sign if it is not the correct one...Val ;-)
> >
> >
> ><< Flanders2.jpg >>
> >
> Maak gratis je eigen blog op MSN Spaces !

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