[sw-l] Hi there! - and question re. empirical studies

Frauke L.Johns sw at SPIFFYTUNES.COM
Wed Dec 15 14:37:27 UTC 2004

Dear All,

I have been a "secret" reader of this brilliant list for a while, but 
this is my first time as actual participant, so I'd like to introduce 

I am currently preparing for my master's thesis. I am studying Sign 
Languages, Applied Linguistics and Media Culture at the University of 
Hamburg / Germany. For my last year's B.A. exams I have already worked 
on various aspects of SignWriting-Projects and right now I am trying to 
get all the information I can on empirical research projects regarding 
SignWriting as I am thinking about conducting an empirical study within 
my master's thesis . I know, that the approach taken so far is more of 
an ethnographic one rather than statistical, but I do believe that 
there are good possibilities combining the two - especially as 
empirical research in the field of applied linguistics seems to get 
more and more important to prove one's point.

I would be very greatful for any hints, ideas or clues you might have 
regarding such empirical studies concerning SignWriting in any country.

Best regards,

Frauke Johns

B.A. Frauke L. Johns
Niedernstrasse 121
20095 Hamburg / Germany
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