[sw-l] Updating SWML-S for wiki publishing

Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Mon Dec 20 19:04:26 UTC 2004

SignWriting List
December 20, 2004

Hello Everyone, and Stephen!
So you mean that the Punctuation Symbols are automatically centering
properly on some browsers and not others? smile...Here I thought it was
my fault for not explaining that detail properly! (grin)....the browser
issue is really interesting...how different they all are...I will check
on other broswers now...

Meanwhile, all this seems like a true Christmas gift...Thanks for all
you are doing...I look forward to testing it once I get the IMWA
working a little better for all of you...There have been some problems
that must be fixed if we are going to truly use SignMaker and
SignText...We must have the full arms and stick figure, because pieces
of the stick figure are used in everyday SignWriting too...Right now,
we could not prepare the poem written in ASL, because the arm lines are
not there...so that is what I am working on right now....

Val ;-)


On Dec 20, 2004, at 10:44 AM, Stephen Slevinski wrote:

> Hi Val,
> Browser problem again.  It works in IE, but not Firefox.  As I update
> SWML-S, SignText, and Oculog.net... it will work properly.
> While the page is not perfect, it is a proof of concept.  It is
> possible to
> create SWML with SignText and then paste the code onto Oculog.net.  It
> is a
> little cumbersome, but getting easier.
> With SignText and Oculog.net, it will be possible to create a
> SignWriting
> document and post that document online without having to install any
> special
> software or have a personal webpage.
> -Stephen
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> December 20, 2004
> Stephen Slevinski wrote:
>> I am update SWML-S.  Feedback requested.
> Dear SW List and Stephen!
> What a priviledge, to be able to discuss creating documents in vertical
> columns! This is something we have been waiting for, for soooo long!
> smile....
> There are actually two important elements that help the reader read
> correctly, when looking at a vertical column of SignWriting. One is the
> placement of the head/facial circle. That helps establish the center of
> the vertical column.
> But there is a second factor too. And it is the stable factor. The
> Punctuation Symbols, which are horizontal, are always placed in the
> center of the vertical column, no matter whether signs are to the left
> or right of center...So the Punctuation Symbols establish "the center"
> too...they remain stable no matter what happens to the head/facial
> circle...
> I am sorry if I did not explain this properly before...Your work,
> Stephen, is helping all of us learn to teach vertical writing...
> Please see the attached example. The writing at the top is taken from
> an old document which I prepared myself, not in SignText, but long ago,
> I placed the signs one by one in columns inside Photoshop! Notice how
> the Punctuation Symbols are establishing the center of each column.
> Then below that, are the columns (at the moment) in SignText...can you
> see how the Punctuation Symbols need to be moved to the center?...I
> hope this is not a huge programming job for you, Stephen...
> Thanks for doing so much!  Val ;-)

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