[sw-l] possibility to export from SignPuddle to FileMaker ?

Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Tue Dec 21 16:57:12 UTC 2004

SignWriting List
December 21, 2004

Hello Anny and Everyone!
SignBank is such a remarkable tool, because you can print dictionaries
sorted by Sign-Symbol-Sequence is multiple signed and spoken languages.
I hope someday people will take another look at SignBank, because it
has so many other features that will be valuable to you too...

But FileMaker is a general database software program, that can be
molded to fit any project. It is not just a word processing program
like MicroSoft Word...There are two reasons why your friend cannot just
drag and drop signs into a general FileMaker field...A field is not a
document...it is a way to search a database...and there are different
kinds of FileMaker fields...to drag and drop your friend needs to go
into Preferences and choose Enable drag and drop mode...for each
database your friend has created. Plus, she needs to be sure to create
a Container field, that can accept graphics etc...

So I cannot become a teacher of FileMaker! But I can teach you how to
specfically drag and drop signs from SignPuddle into the SignBank
Editor program...from there you would be able to print large
dictionaries in French-Swiss Sign Language, once the signs are

Your projects sound wonderful, Anny - Congratulations on all you are
accomplishing - and Happy Holidays!

Val ;-)


On Dec 21, 2004, at 2:37 AM, Anne-Claude Prélaz Girod wrote:

> Dear Valerie
> Thanks for your quick answer....
> I was asking that because the deaf woman who manage the sign language
> sector of the deaf association of the french speaking part of
> Switzerland, who participated in the Sw workshop.... was trying to set
> up her own dictionnary... using signmaker.... and wanted to know how
> to paste the signs created into Signpuddle into this specific
> document.... there was nothing to do with signbank!!! I told her I was
> going to ask the question....
> anyway.... it would be interesting to know how to do what you
> propose... and work into Signbank.... but I know you've got tons of
> things to do before the end of the year....! so I keep this
> possibility in mind... and will let you knowbeginning of 2005....
> We've got to organise things here in the french speaking part of
> Switzerland... there are about 4 different projects of dictionnaries,
> new association.... the swiss federation of the deaf (franch speaking
> part) will try to put things together... so that people work together
> instead of... doing things separately...
> I'll let you know
> Thanks again
> Anny
> Le 20 déc. 04, à 23:18, Valerie Sutton a écrit :
>> SignWriting List
>> December 20, 2004
>> On Dec 20, 2004, at 2:01 PM, Anne-Claude Prélaz Girod wrote:
>>> I 'd like to know if there's a way  to export signs written in
>>> SignWriting from SignPuddle into FileMaker ? If I click on the sign
>>> in the signpuddle dictionnary and drag and drop into a word
>>> document... it works (into Words)... I can paste my signs.... but it
>>> doesn't work in FileMaker....Any reason for that difference ? Any
>>> way to do that ? Thanks for letting me know! Anny
>> Hello Everyone, and Anny -
>> Thanks for this question. SignBank is a database built in FileMaker.
>> So when you say FileMaker, Anny, I am assuming that you mean
>> SignBank? We specially designed SignBank inside FileMaker.
>> At the moment, I am the one to help you with the SignBank database,
>> since I am the designer of the program...In 2005 I hope to work with
>> both Stephen and Todd Duell (SignBank programmer) to coordinate
>> SignBank and SignPuddle automatically...but...anything you can do
>> with Microsoft Word you can most likely do with SignBank...so let me
>> teach you how...
>> 1. I don't think you mean Export. I think you are copying and
>> pasting, which is a different task...I will teach you how to copy and
>> paste right now...
>> 2. Let us imagine you are in SignBank right now....Be sure to be in
>> the SignBank Editor program. That is the only one you can add to....
>> Are you in the SignBank Editor program? Once I get that answer from
>> you I will continue...
>> Val ;-)

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