[sw-l] SignMaker and the selected symbol

Stephen Slevinski slevinski at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Wed Dec 22 15:22:54 UTC 2004

OK, blinking it is.

While the blinking is the best option, it is annoying.  So I've redesigned
the logic a bit.

A selected symbol blinks.
To select a symbol, click on it.  To deselect a symbol, click on it again.
When you add a new symbol to the SignBox, it is not automatically selected.
Variation, Mirror, Fill, and Rotate will affect the selected symbol or the
last symbol added.
Copy and Delete will only work when a symbol is selected.

You can try it out online:

You can change how fast the symbol blinks by changing the sOn value.
You can change how long the symbol disappears by changing the sOff value.

Here are a few example.


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  Sorry that this reply is slow, but I like the blinking option the best.

  Stephen Slevinski <slevinski at signwriting.org> wrote:

    With SignMaker, there is currently no way to know which symbol is

    I've created three options, and I don't know which works best.

    Blinking symbol
    The symbol blinks on and off.


    Boxing symbol
    A box appears around the selected symbol.


    Color background
    The area around the symbol changes color from transparent to a solid


    Please take a look and tell me which you like best,

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