Category for the toolbox symbols? And some thoughts.

Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Thu Jan 15 18:13:57 UTC 2004

Hello Daniel!
Thanks for this message...

> I liked your announcement about IMWA. Of course I will take the time 
> to have a look at the PDF documents soon. And of course I would like 
> to implement the keyboard for IMWA and maybe (after SignWriter has 
> been released) a keyboard edior like for the SignWriter DOS. Now the 
> keys are configured by program-readable text files.

This is wonderful! We are so lucky you are doing this work...Without 
you, all this planning would have no way to be implemented...

> Development is slowly but steadily progressing. Günel is at my home 
> every Monday and Tuesday, my brother an evening a week and every 
> Sunday (he has another job and he is sudying as well). Both tell me 
> that they learn a lot but they still are a bit overwhelmed. I hope 
> that they can help me debugging (a tedious work). It is an exchange: 
> they have to do some boring work but they can learn, too.

Wow. I understand how overwhelmed you all must feel...I am sorry that 
we all are overworked and underpaid...I feel the same, and that is why 
sometimes, you notice that I am if you all need to take 
breaks, I would encourage you to do that...

Someone is interrupting me...I will get back to you shortly to answer 
your questions...

Val ;-)

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