Wrist movements vs Forearm movement

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Fri Jan 16 03:48:37 UTC 2004

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January 15, 2003

Adam Frost wrote:
> HELP!! I have been trying to figure out the difference between the way
> the
> movements of the wrist is written vs the writting of the forearm
> movements.
> I just don't understand. I tried the web lessons on thoes movements,
> but I
> don't understand what they mean. I guess that I need to have an
> example of
> how it works in a sign. I can't think of a sign that would be good to
> use to
> explain. I use both movements to modify the meaning of the sign. Can
> you
> help me?

Hello Everyone and Adam!
Yes. Let's discuss writing wrist movements....Thanks for your

Here is page 136 in the Lessons in SignWriting textbook, that teaches
wrist movements, and there are some sign examples in this attached
diagram ...Like the sign for YES, and the sign for FLAG etc...The
little horizontal line is like a slash across the wrist...when you see
that horizontal slash near a movement symbol, you know that the
movement is from the wrist, and not from the arm...Please read this,
and then tell me if you need more explanation...smile...

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